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A Brief Introduction

Hello and welcome to Destination Fleet Street, a blog following my journey though MA Journalism and into the big wide journalistic world. I am aware that Fleet Street is no longer the journalistic hub that it once was, but as the name is still a metonym for the industry I hope that the reference still makes sense.

Let me give you a brief summary of my journey so far:

In April, I visited Kingston for the first time, fell in love with both the campus and the course, and sent off my application.

In May, I received an invitation to interview, which clashed with one of my final exams. I begged them to reschedule and twiddled my thumbs nervously, waiting for a reply.

In June, I got the reply that I was hoping for, offering me a new interview date.

On July 3rd, I attended my interview. I also flew to America. It was a rather stressful day.

On July 4th, I received an unconditional offer. I then proceeded to party like an American on Independence Day (the setting at least was appropriate).

In August, I read through my reading list and wept as I placed the most expensive Amazon order of my life.

Which brings us to September, in which I started this blog. Keep reading to find out how the rest of the year pans out, as well as anything else useful and journalism-related that I happen to find along the way.


About julieffisher

Commodities journalist and trainee roller girl. I'm usually thinking about travel or derby and I spend too much money on pretty jackets.

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