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This is it. The Amazon order which nearly bankrupted me (and which has certainly made a heavy dent in my shoe budget for this year). Worryingly, these aren’t even all of the core texts from the reading list which was sent to me at the beginning of the month, just those which I was recommended to start with. I also managed to find some of the recommended texts in my local library, and I have been slowly making my way through those whilst waiting for my purchases to arrive. I had entertained the rather fanciful idea of reading them all before term began, but you know what they say about the best laid schemes of mice and men!

My reading list:

  • Online News (Stuart Allen)
  • The Online Journalism Handbook (Paul Bradshaw and Lisa Rohumaa)
  • Multimedia Journalism (Andy Bull)
  • Teeline Fast (Ann Dix)
  • McNae’s Essential Law for Journalists (Mark Hanna and Mike Dodd)
  • Journalism: Principles and Practice (Tony Harcup)
  • Public Affairs for Journalists (James Morrison)
  • The Universal Journalist (David Randall)
  • Ethics and Journalism (Karen Sanders)

I plan on posting brief reviews of each of these books in the Reading List category, at least those which I manage to read all the way through. First up is Nick Davies’ Flat Earth News (not actually included in this post as it was one of my library finds), a review of which should be up within the next few days.

Do you have any thoughts on any of these books? Are there any missing which you think would be useful to a journalism student? Comment below to share!








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