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This year is going to be hard.

That was the overriding impression which I got from induction on Thursday, mostly because we were told that it would be. Repeatedly. It wasn’t all that we were told, by any means (can I hear you say ‘information overload?’), but it was one of the most important pieces of information. Treat your MA as a full-time job, we were told (translation: this year is going to be hard). Learn to manage your time, we were told (translation: this year is going to be hard). You may not want to work part-time alongside this course, we were told (translation: well, I think you get the picture). Over coffee in one of the breaks, my fellow students and I agreed that we were scared but excited. Well, maybe I’m crazy, but right now I’m more excited than scared. Bring on Monday!

Some other important things which I learned from induction:

  • Far fewer guys than girls study journalism, at least at Kingston. Out of our group of 14 students, only two are male.
  • Postgraduates get privileges. We have our own area of the library and we get to share the staff café (which just happens to make the best mochas known to man).
  • Library induction sessions are boring, but a good means of obtaining free stationery – I wrote the first draft of this post with one of my eight new Kingston pencils.
  • I have been spoilt by Durham’s range of societies. Not that it matters, given that I won’t have any time to be social, but the freshers’ fair was still a shock.
  • Kingston is far friendlier than Durham. Our lecturers spent most of the evening plying us with free wine (being able to drink is apparently an important journalistic trait) and insisting that we see each other as colleagues.
  • This year is going to be hard. Oh wait, did I say that already?

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Commodities journalist and trainee roller girl. I'm usually thinking about travel or derby and I spend too much money on pretty jackets.

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